This asset includes the Quicksand feature that is featured in Adventures of Rebecca including the modified quicksand tile, two background sounds, and preset Quicksand Events which you can copy and tweak to your liking. Here's how the quicksand works by default:

  • First stage has the player move slowly (Speed 3: x2 Slower) and they have 10 seconds to get out of the quicksand.
  • Second stage has the player move more slower (Speed 2: x4 Slower) and they have 10 seconds to get out of the quicksand.
  • Third stage has the player move even slower. They have 10 seconds before they begin losing HP.
  • Fourth stage has players move at the slowest speed (Speed 1: x8 Slower) and the characters will lose 250 HP continuously until they reach 0 HP or the player gets out of the quicksand.

You can try out the feature in your browser either on your desktop or mobile device.

To make the quicksand feature work better, use these plugins from Yanfly. Note: As of November 1, 2019, Dash Toggle and Gab Window plugins are no longer free to download.

If you have RPG Maker MV, you can download the ZIP file and open the Game.rpgproject file within RPG Maker MV.

  • Modified original Quicksand tile (Poison water) by GothicSimmer
  • Background quicksand sounds from A-020.
  • Plugins from Yanfly.


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